Sosakukushiagetoshunnogyokai Sakurakushi

創作串揚げと旬の魚介 桜串 sakurakushi

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    Store Information

    Store details

    Restaurant name 創作串揚げと旬の魚介 桜串 sakurakushi(Sosakukushiagetoshunnogyokai Sakurakushi)
    Address -(静岡県浜松市中区田町315-23)
    Telephone number 053-452-3301(+81-53-452-3301)
    Business hours Tuesday - Sunday、holiday、Day before holiday: 17:00 - Until0:00
    Regular closing days Monday
    Accepted credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB
    Accepted electronic money Suica, PASMO, nanaco, ICOCA
    Accepted qr code settlement -


    Smoking/non-smoking Smoking is available at all tables
    Smoking Room Not Available
    *An ordinance to prevent passive smoking came into effect as from April 1, 2020. Please contact the restaurant for the correct information.

    Seating Information

    Total number of seats 86
    Maximum seating capacity 44
    Private rooms Available
    Tatami mat rooms Available
    Low tables with holes in the floor for legroom Available
    Chartering Possible


    Wi-Fi Available
    Free Wi-Fi for overseas visitors -
    Accessible Not accessible
    Parking None
    Languages spoken by the staff -
    Menu language -
    Vegetarian menu -


    All You Can Drink Available
    All You Can Eat Not available
    Bringing children Children OK
    Halal certification -
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